Critical Infrastructures/Key Resources (CI/KR)
Infrastructure SectorResponsible Agencies
 Agriculture and Food  Department of Agriculture
 Department of Health and Human Services 
 Defense Industrial Base  Department of Defense 
 Energy  Department of Energy 
 Healthcare and Public Health  Department of Health and Human Services 
 National Monuments and Icons  Department of the Interior 
 Banking and Finance  Department of the Treasury 
 Water  Environmental Protection Agency 
 Commercial Facilities
 Critical Manufacturing
 Emergency Services
 Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste 
  Department of Homeland Security
 Office of Infrastructure Protection 
 Information Technology
 Office of Cybersecurity
 and Communications 
 Postal and Shipping  Transportation Security Administration 
 Transportation Systems  Transportation Security Administration
 United States Coast Guard 
 Government Facilities  Immigration and Customs Enforcement,
 Federal Protective Service