Target Capabilities List
  Common Capabilities
   Community Preparedness and Participation
   Risk Management
   Intelligence and Information Sharing and Dissemination
  Prevent Mission Capabilities
   Information Gathering and Recognition of Indicators and Warnings
   Intelligence Analysis and Production
   Counter-Terror Investigation and Law Enforcement
   CBRNE Detection
  Protect Mission Capabilities
   Critical Infrastructure Protection
   Food and Agriculture Safety and Defense
   Epidemiological Surveillance and Investigation
   Laboratory Testing
  Respond Mission Capabilities
   On-Site Incident Management
   Emergency Operations Center Management
   Critical Resource Logistics and Distribution
   Volunteer Management and Donations
   Responder Safety and Health
   Emergency Public Safety and Security
   Animal Disease Emergency Support
   Environmental Health
   Explosive Device Response Operations
   Fire Incident Response Support
   WMD and Hazardous Materials Response and Decontamination
   Citizen Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place
   Isolation and Quarantine
   Search and Rescue (Land-Based)
   Emergency Public Information and Warning
   Emergency Triage and Pre-Hospital Treatment
   Medical Surge
   Medical Supplies Management and Distribution
   Mass Prophylaxis
   Mass Care (Sheltering, Feeding and Related Services)
   Fatality Management
  Recover Mission Capabilities
   Structural Damage Assessment
   Restoration of Lifelines
   Economic and Community Recovery